2019 feels like another lifetime for many people who have spent the year 2020 so far with lockdown restrictions abundant. Travel may remain a fleeting memory for many still as death tolls and case numbers from the COVID-19 virus continue to rise worldwide. There are many though who are still able to travel, with lockdown restrictions lifted for many, and the possibility of rescheduling past flights or looking forward to the future and making new travel plans now possible. Whilst some travellers may be gallivanting after adventure, there are others who may be being forced into making the trip from certain unavoidable circumstances. Whatever the reason for your travel, with the coronavirus death toll now exceeding a total of one million cases, it’s important to focus on how to stay safe during your travel, reducing the spread of the disease and its risk to yourself, and others. With that in mind, we take a look at the best ways to stay safe when travelling during a pandemic: 

  1. Wear a facemask!

With the pros and cons of facemask wearing still under debate in the Western world, the lack of public uptake on wearing the protective layer is being labeled as one of the main causes of the virus’s rapid spread. Countries in the East across the Asia continent, who are much more familiar with wearing masks to protect others from one’s own sickness, as well as to protect against poor air quality, have not experienced such issues. 

  1. Clear protective face shield

Whilst not everyone’s idea of glamour, protective face shields that are made of clear plastic and can be seen through are a good idea. COVID-19 is said to spread through the open parts of our face such as our eyes, nose, and mouth so covering these areas and making sure they are protected from the fluids of others is a must.

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