It has been over a year now since the start of the ongoing coronavirus COVID-19 global pandemic crisis. The pandemic has meant a complete disruption of daily life, with lockdown and social distancing measures implemented to help prevent the increasing spread of the virus. As a result of the pandemic many people have spent the past year working from home, elsewhere weddings have been postponed and students have had to adapt to online learning. While many people have been upset at the chaos covid has caused, international travel has been one aspect of the pandemic that continues to cause problems. 

During the height of the initial first waves, many people became trapped away from home and also family. There were terrible news reports of loved ones who had been unable to see each other for over a year until the Australia and New Zealand travel restriction was lifted. Elsewhere, as different countries have faced various waves at different times, many governments have developed traffic light list systems to denote the safety of visiting a country. In the UK for instance, controversy has been going on surrounding the lack of European destinations available for UK tourists to visit. While this may sound frivolous when thinking of those upset at not being able to go on holiday, the matter becomes far more serious when considering the lives and livelihoods of those who need to travel to and from the continent for business or to see family. 

While restrictions on international travel are lifting, many people are still unable to afford the additional cost of travelling at this uncertain time. With so much concern over the continued spread of the virus, most countries have implemented a quarantine period post travel as standard. The cheaper option here is to self isolate at home, however in some places a hotel quarantine may be required which then adds significantly to costs.

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