Staying in Krabi as a Digital Nomad 

Last year, I made the big move to transfer to South East Asia and stay there for good. I found myself living in Krabi and it’s one of the best decisions I’ve made in the last 10 years of my career as a professional.

So what makes Krabi a good place to travel to or even migrate to? What are the realities that you will have to expect?

Well-Managed Pandemic

Despite the current pandemic, COVID19 is well managed in Thailand, relatively better than other countries in South East Asia. In Krabi, in particular, there are currently 20 cases which somewhat gives me peace of mind as a foreigner who chose to stay in a foreign land.

The Thai government even provides a Bt500 subsidy to all patients who tested positive in Krabi. They’d be given Bt500 or something around $16 per day until they are discharged. This encourages patients to not hide their symptoms and seek medical help.

Cost of Living

How much exactly do you need to live comfortably in Krabi? To give you an idea, you can enjoy a bottle of beer for less than $2. That’s cheap!

According to the latest numbers, you will need around $1,500 to live comfortably if you have a 4-person family in this part of Thailand. For most digital nomads like myself living alone, as little as $1,000 a month can already give you a comfortable lifestyle.  

Pristine Waters

Krabi is located in the Southern part of Thailand’s west coast. You get to enjoy dense mangroves plus access to some of the most popular beaches in Thailand. Krabi is near popular spots such as Phi Phi islands or Railway Beach.

Your $100 can also go a long way in this part of South East Asia. You’d be able to stay for a night in a five-star hotel with your $100.


Be sure that you are going to bring your sunblock if you are going to stay in Krabi. It’s the perfect location for someone like me who hates winter.

Krabi gives you humid weather all year round. Their temperature can range from 37°C in December to 43°C during their summer season by April or May.

Fast Internet

If you work remotely, Thailand offers a fast internet connection. You can enjoy 27mbps of internet speed, which is something that even convinced me to stay in this part of Thailand.

What’s not to like?

Do I like everything I saw in Krabi? It’s not exactly perfect just like any other place. For one, there is always that language barrier. Between staying in the Philippines and Thailand, I find it more difficult to communicate in Thailand. Not a lot of people speak fluent English. But that’s where your apps can come in handy. Have a translator app and you are good to go.

Next, it can get pretty boring fast once you get acclimatized to the lifestyle. It’s a sleepy town that will make you drink because you’re bored.

So is it a good decision to travel or stay in Krabi for the next months or so in Krabi? Given the pros and cons, I’d say that it’s a good place that most people can enjoy.  

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