In case you are somehow able to arrange a trip outside Australia’s borders—you know, the ones that are sealed off even to Aussie citizens stranded abroad—the government is strongly advising that you do not travel to the United States.

The Covid-19 case count in the US is currently rising by about 100,000 per day, but that’s only one of the reasons why the “shining city upon a hill,” to quote Ronny Reagan, has been awarded the highest travel alert level—4 (“do not travel”)—by Canberra.

Another of the reasons is “the ongoing potential for unrest and violence,” which is expected to occur on a massive scale in the days following the presidential election, regardless of who wins. As the Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade warns:

“The 2020 Presidential Election will be held on 3 November, with the presidential inauguration taking place on 20 January 2021. Take precautions to keep safe during the election season. Monitor the media for information and updates and follow the advice of local authorities. Avoid areas where protests and demonstrations are occurring.”

It was reported yesterday that businesses around the United States had erected boards and fencing to protect their properties from the riots that are almost certain to erupt in the streets of America’s cities. And as you’ve probably heard, American police are just a little bit trigger happy, so there’s always the chance someone gets shot or bludgeoned with a baton.

Speaking of getting shot, Americans have been stocking up on firearms all year long. 17 million guns have been purchased this year, giving new meaning to the term Equipment Hunt. What they intend to do with all that weaponry is anyone’s guess. Maybe it’s just for home defense.

Traveling to the US isn’t really worth your time anyway. New York City is overrated, LA is all plastic and smog, and the rest is what they call flyover country, inhabited by yokels. Save yourself some money and do a week in the Caribbean instead. At the very least you probably won’t get shot.

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