Helpful Travel Tips Going to India

Before crossing out India in my bucket list, I’ve had many hesitations about the country. First, is it safe for a foreigner like me to travel to India? After hearing violence against foreigners, some even becoming victims of sex crimes, you can’t help but think twice whether or not you should travel to India.

Another common hesitation that I’ve asked myself is if it’s tourist-friendly. Though I’ve experienced backpacking in different parts of the world, you can’t help but ask if it’s hard to find your way. Unlike first world countries that offer intricate train systems, India is the opposite. India’s been considered one of the most traffic-choked cities in the world. That’s how chaotic things can get.

So why visit India? Despite all the bad press that it’s been getting, I’ve figured that I have a lot of reasons to visit the country again. It has great food, culture, history, and generally, a good place to experience something different.

If it’s your first time, here are some things that can make your trip less intimidating.

Stick to a Few Places

I’ve noticed that India is a huge country. A week or two won’t suffice to see everything that it has to offer. It means that if you are going to be moving around from one place to the next, you only end up tired and not being able to enjoy the place. Try to single out the places that stand out. It’s more of personal preference.

Do a lot of research especially if you have limited days in the country. You might want to check how many hours do you need to allocate for travel.

Be Prepared to be Culture Shocked

India is quite different from any country that you’ve visited. Different colors, the spice, and the people, there is no single description that can describe how you are going to get culture-shocked once you arrive in India. It’s chaotic and beautiful at the same time.

Have Medicines Ready

I’ve learned it the hard way. Exploring food and drinking their water is sometimes a problem especially for someone who isn’t used to what they eat. A lot of foreigners get sick because their water isn’t exactly as clean as the one you drink in a first world country. Be sure that you have your medicine ready. Plus, make sure that you know where the hospital is in case you need to be seen by a medical professional.

Have a SIM Ready

You want to make sure that you always have access to the internet when you are traveling in India. This allows you to explore each area and even do research during your downtime. You can buy an international SIM card since it’s difficult to find a local SIM in India.

Travelling to India can be different compared to travelling in other parts of the world. Though it’s chaotic and sometimes scary because of all the news that you hear, it is something that you should visit even once in your life.

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