With more of us than ever having spent more time than ever inside this year, it’s no surprise we’ve been using social media to dream a little further afield than our daily reality. Instagram and travel adventure influencers have filled our little screens this year as we’ve sought out the wild yonder from the safety of our sofas. 

The ongoing global crisis caused by the COVID-19 worldwide coronavirus pandemic has caused a big impact on those of us who loved to travel for fun. Whilst minimal business travel remains possible for a wealthy, privileged few, the majority of us try our best to maintain moral ethics by remaining at home and following government restrictions and lockdown guidelines. 

Instagram and its influencers subsequently have upped their game in providing as much awe inspiring travel content as possible for those stuck in their homes. British reality TV star influencers caused controversy this year for their visits to places like Dubai, and resulting increases seen in coronavirus cases there. 

For those wanting to travel but also reduce their risk of catching and spreading, a self-sufficient travel mobile like a van conversion could be the perfect answer. A fully equipped van can provide all the necessities for long term travel at a reduced cost rate – no more expensive hotel fees! 
Influencers such as @sheisthelostgirl give practical tips and advice for anyone looking to convert their own van and head out into the wild. The sheisthelostgirl Instagram account is run by Beth Johnstone, a travel enthusiast who has been on the move since 2014. Before she started her trip to South East Asia, she equipped a small ‘white-man’s van’ out with all the facilities she needed. The van is not only mobile as a means of transport, but also includes a bedroom, kitchen, shower and toilet!

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