Reasons to Visit Venice At Least Once In Your Life

I’ve walked the streets of Venice for three times now in the last five years. And every time it’s a unique experience especially for me who worked as an architect. I’d say that this is a city loved not only by architects but also by those who love to experience different cultures and food.

Walking in Venice is just like walking in a huge movie set. It made me remember all the Bond films I’ve watched. Venice is a favorite location for Bond movies from the 1963 film From Russia With Love to the mid-2000’s Casino Royal.

In 2006, Venice averaged 50,000 tourists every day. Known as the 28th most visited city at one point, I’d say that Venice is the top ten of most memorable places I’ve visited around the globe.

Whenever I’m asked by friends and relatives whether or not to visit Venice, here are some of the reasons that I always tell them why they should visit the city even for once in their lives.

Unique Transportation Experience

Getting around in Venice is unique. Since Venice is known as the “Floating City”, you can’t get around the city using cars. Instead, you will have to use boats to get to where you want to be. This alone is something that you want to experience if you find yourself in Italy.

You will have to ride a gondola to get to your destination. Another thing that makes this experience extraordinary is the chances of having a singing gondolier.

Venetian Architecture

For an architect like me, Venetian architecture is a great experience as you get to see firsthand the influences of the Byzantine and the Ottoman empires to the city. You’d get to enjoy this type of architecture in Doge Palace, Palazzo Cavalli-Franchetti, and the Ca’d Oro.

Enjoy the Seafood

When in Venice, do what the Venetians do. When it comes to food, eat seafood. The Rialto Market is a place that you should visit not only for fresh seafood but also for the history behind this marketplace. Located next to the Grand Canal, this market was established a thousand years ago. Unfortunately, it had its share of issues including stalls struggling to make ends meet.  

Enjoy the Oldest Film Festival in the World

If you love films and you like to relax, Lido might be the perfect place to visit. Lido is located between the Venetian lagoon and the Adriatic Sea. It hosts the Venice International Film Festival yearly. Even get the chance to meet some of the actors and actresses from Hollywood. This year, it is said that the 7th Venice International Film Festival is going to be held in September this year despite the COVID19 pandemic.

Among safety guidelines released by the organizers included masks and social distancing. If everything worked according to plan, it’s going to be the first film major festival to go on as planned.

Venice is a great place not only for its picturesque architecture but also for its culture, food, and people. It’s a unique city that you should visit even once in your lifetime especially once travel restrictions are lifted. I am surely going to visit this beauty again, what about you?

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