About Us

“Once a year, go someplace you’ve never been before.”~ Dalai Lama

We are the dreamers, the nomad souls, the travellers that scan the world for discoveries, both within and outside. We stumble across pristine islands, never heard before, or we see something commonplace, with a new point of view. We turn our worlds up side down by looking at the world up close. We are on the hunt for new places, new experiences and new discoveries, constantly, so that we can share those with the world. It is said that travel makes the man come home to himself. We understand that with our full heart and soul. Mounttrio is all about understanding the nomadic human. always on the quest for travel and soul searching.

We are big on world travel and local as well. Australia has some of the most naturally endowed landscapes ever and some of them are not very heard of. We attempt to compile a list of places and travel goals, for you to explore and journal. Mounttrio shall continue feeding the travel struck, experience hungry beings out there, through our regular local and world travel blogs posts.

COVID-19 and the uncertain times have brought a halt to our beautiful journeys momentarily. We are ever hopeful though. We will still keep compiling our choicest write ups on travel done far and wide, earlier, so that we can reminisce and you can stay hopeful, with wanderlust. We understand your situation and hence would keep on adding to the cauldron of hope. Here’s hoping that the times pass over soon, so that we get back to what we are best doing at, travel! We will also be writing on tips to self isolate and travel with all the safety precautions in tow.

In these times, it is of utmost important that we indulge in mindfulness and self care. The uncertain times, with restrictions on travel and work, has also brought with itself a lot of stress and mental health issues to the surface. We are giving special attention to that fact. You can regularly find, on Mounttrio, ways to rejuvenate yourself and also plan quiet plus safe trips, every so often, to keep the mind and body anchored.

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