Yankee Land Beckons

G’Day Mate!

Australia, or Yankee land, is best described by its gorgeous beaches, outbacks and of course the cute and cuddly furry creatures.

Lying down in the farthest corner of the world, it is basically an island, remote from most places of the world. With New Zealand, Tasmania and Fiji as its neighbours, Australia lies smugly nestled in the centre.

Azure skies, varied shades of brown and turquoise beaches are the landmarks of Aussie land. Australia boasts of being the country with some of the most stunning beaches, including the Great Barrier Reef and Whitsundays. Motivation enough to fly a zillion miles to get here. Sun bathing, lying down on the beach, chilling with a beer and gorging on fish and chips are the favourite things to do. Did we also mention, we have some of the world’s greatest surfers based out of Australia? Dive with the “fishies”, go snorkelling or learn surfing and water skiing! So many adventures to choose from, for the wild ones. If you are lucky enough, you might get to spot a whale or a dolphin, while cruising the blue expanses.

Learn to greet strangers with a cheeky “G’day mate!” , before you plan flying all the way down under. You are going to hear a lot of it anyway! With a mix of busy city skylines and stunning natural beauty, this country is a reflection of the most chilled lifestyle globally. Work transcends effortlessly into play and vice- versa.

Oh, how did we forget the wildlife sanctuaries, where you get to cuddle koalas and feed kangaroos! Make it a point to visit Currumbin or Bonorong, if you want to get a dose of cuteness!

So many things to do and such a large country! Our advise is to plan ahead and prioritise your trips. Also, pack a lot of sun tan lotions and bathing suits and you are all set. Welcome aboard Yankee land. Australia can’t wait to greet you!

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