Are you struggling to fall or stay asleep at night? Many people suffer from disturbed sleep, which over time especially, can cause adverse and negative impacts on your day. Short-term sleep deprivation might make a person irritable or inclined to over-eat or make unhealthy choices because they are tired. More long-term effects include serious detriment to one’s overall health as the body has less time to spend repairing itself after a long day. More worryingly, a lack of sleep has been linked to serious health issues such as heart attacks, diabetes and reduced fertility. So what can you do to get more shut-eye for a healthier mind, body and soul?

  1. Camomille tea 

Camomille tea is a well-known aid for a peaceful night’s rest. Camomille tea lacks the high dosage of caffeine found in other teas and coffees, as well as contains soothing and relaxing natural plant properties. 

  1. Avoid caffeine

Avoiding caffeine altogether is one suggestion from experts, though not one of their more popular ones. If you can’t bear the thought of giving up coffee from your daily routine, advice given from professionals indicates that stopping your caffeine intake around six hours before you go to bed could help. 

  1. Reduce screen time 

Other suggestions include reducing your screen-time for longer and longer periods before bed. Screen glare can cause eye irritation and keep your brain in activation mode. Help yourself to unwind by unplugging several hours before you aim to be asleep. 

  1. Create a blackout 

Light from outside or home appliances from around your bedroom can be an unexpected cause of sleep unrest. Even small coloured lights from electrical sockets or cracked doors can be distracting to your unconscious mind and prevent you from fully resting. Try to eliminate all sources of light from your bedroom, and maybe even invest in super thick blackout curtains to help you fully shutdown to sleep.

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