3 Useful Tips Travelling to Portugal in the New Normal

Compared to Spain that was greatly affected by the COVID19 pandemic, Portugal tells a different story. Spain had 18,000 deaths due to the virus, while Portugal only had 535 COVID19 deaths. Pulmonologist Dr. Filipe Froes thinks that Portugal had more time preparing its medical infrastructure and medical staff compared to Spain. 

Though CDC still classified Portugal on Warning Level 3, there is a bit of good news for those who are looking to travel to Portugal. The UK removed Portugal recently from its travel corridor list. What this means is that if you are traveling from Portugal, you don’t even have to quarantine. And that’s because the COVID19 pandemic situation in the country is getting better. 

Now that things are looking somewhat bright for Portugal, what are the things that one should remember in case you have the chance to travel to the country? If you find yourself having the chance to travel to Portugal in the new normal, here are some tips that could come in handy. 

Know the Rules Before You Leave 

You have to know the guidelines set by officials from your point of origin. There have been conflicting reports regarding US citizens entering EU territory in the past months. However, since the CDC placed Portugal on Warning Level 3, it means that you will have to get tested once you enter the country (if you ever get on a plane to Portugal). There were cases where US passport holders are getting denied entry to Portugal even when they entered Europe via London. 

It is best if you can clarify with the airlines whether or not you are going to be allowed to leave the country and if you are going to be allowed to enter. 

Know Where to Travel 

There are a lot of places you can travel to in Portugal. But since we’re now living in the new normal, it’s a good practice if you can take a closer look at their advisory. It is a good practice to know areas that have lower cases of COVID19. 

Based on the UK government’s website, Madeira, Porto Santo, and Azores were exempt from the FCO advice against all non-essential international travel. This means that the conditions in these places are improving. But of course, though it can give you some peace of mind, always make sure that you still practice social distancing, wear mask, and always wash your hands. 

Remember to Stay Healthy Weeks Before Traveling 

If you really need to travel to Portugal, we’d suggest that you stay healthy. Get enough rest, take your vitamins, and eat the right food. This will help you fight infection in case you’ll get infected while traveling. You want to also prepare a good medical mask preferably an N95 once you are on the plane.  

Traveling is quite different these days. If you have plans of traveling to Portugal, be sure that you follow these tips. This will help you stay safe and avoid unnecessary stress such as being denied entry. 

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