With only six months left to go until the rescheduled Japan 2020 Olympic Games are set to take place, the national Olympics committee have had to refute claims the games will be cancelled again due to the ongoing coronavirus pandemic. 

The global pandemic, which has gripped the world since its emergence in January 2020, was responsible for the cancellation of the Olympic Games last year. Whilst other sports have made alterations to their performances such as removing spectators as audiences from the sports, the Japan committee have expressed their continued desire to have viewers at the events. 

The US basketball association the NBA also made global news headlines last year for its drastic COVID-19 measures. Unlike usual, the entire season was conducted from Disney World Orlando, Florida for an estimated $1.5 million a day. The players, alongside journalists and other necessary staff, lived in what was described as the NBA Bubble that took place in April 2020 for the last eight games of the resumed season. 

Set to open on July 23rd 2021, the Tokyo Olympic Games have been rescheduled from last year due to fears of mass infection from the gathered crowds. The committee has spent its time over the past several months strategising possible ways for the games to take place with spectators following social distancing measures and wearing facemasks. 

For many athletes however, there is still fear – despite the games being an opportunity of a lifetime for them. Aside from concerns surrounding becoming infected with the coronavirus itself, many athletes fear they will be unable to travel to the games due to increasingly strict measures from airlines and national governments on international travel. 

In a statement released last week by the Tokyo 2020 Organising Committee, the Japanese IOC said: “We hope that daily life can return to normal as soon as possible, and we will continue to make every effort to prepare for a safe and secure games.”

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