2020 was a rough year for many of us and the ongoing disaster looks set to continue for the most part. As coronavirus infection rates decline in some luckier places, they continue to rise around as a worldwide total, suggesting that ‘normal’ life with international travel seems still a potentially far away dream. With that in mind, we take a look at some top self care tips for you to try in 2021, ready to fully start the new year and enter spring refreshed and revitalised for whatever comes next. 

  1. Download a fitness tracker app

Fitness tracker apps are now often found already as part of your phone’s software. Free apps with in=app purchasable downloads are an easy way to start your digital fitness routine supplementation. Apps like Fitness Buddy or JEFIT Workout Planner are popular amongst Android and iPhone users to help get fit quick. Fitness planners are a great way for the uninspired to measure their progress and feel vitalised by the steady gains of a continued workout plan. 

  1. Start a skincare routine 

It’s often forgotten that your skin is actually your largest organ, that needs its own care and attention to remain healthy. By starting a skincare routine you are making a promise to yourself to take care and renourish what has been lost or worn away over the course of the day. Simple morning freshening gestures combined with nighttime cleanses and deep moisturisers can help protect skin during the day and ensure it looks healthy and exuberant for a long time. 

  1. Learn to meditate 

Stress is one of the biggest killers and for many of us urban dwellers, the pace of the city can at times feel overwhelming. Tap into humanity’s collective ancient knowledge by learning to mediate this year. Let troublesome thoughts float away as you practice to clear your thoughts and overcome anxieties.

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