What’s Next for the Travel Industry After the Covid19 Pandemic 

23 million people have been infected by the COVID19 virus. And given how fast the virus spreads, things aren’t looking good especially for travel-related businesses. Airline companies such as United canceled 90% of their flights while Delta lost 80% of its international flights due to the Pandemic.

So what’s next for the travel industry in the coming months? What can we expect now that a vaccine is not exactly available this year?

Trillions Lost

World Travel and Tourism Council, which is a trade group that represents different travel companies, estimates that there is a chance that the industry will lose $2.1 trilling in revenue. On top of that, the projected global loss of jobs will hit 75 million if things don’t improve in the coming months.

Areas that relied heavily on tourism are taking the most damage from the Pandemic. Popular tourist destinations once flocked by tourists from all over the world became deserted. In the Philippines, its world-famous Boracay Island banned both domestic and international flights going to the island. Only tourists stuck in different resorts with nowhere to go served as guests for these businesses.

As the country imposed the longest lockdown to date,The Philippine government’s Department of Tourism projected losing $849 million from February to April 2020. These months included the country’s summer months, once considered peak season for hotel and resort owners in the country.

The same can be said about Cambodia’s tourism industry. With Cambodia’s heavy reliance on their beautiful temples, things became quite different today. Angkor Wat and other temples are only visited by Cambodians and a few foreigners who are staying in the country.

How Do We Bring It Back?

After its awe-inspiring response to the pandemic, Vietnam is the first country in South East Asia to be able to resume its domestic travel. And this is something that other countries can also follow. Rebuilding the tourism industry is something that can become possible once the COVID19 situation has been addressed effectively.

Mass testing, aggressive contact tracing, and having a robust health infrastructure can help keep revitalize the tourism industry.

The government should also do its part when it comes to helping the tourism industry once the Pandemic has been addressed. There should be tax cuts for individuals who are going to support the travel industry such as frequent travelers. This type of incentive can help aviation companies that are already on the verge of bankruptcy.

Revitalizing the tourism industry may require a serious approach from government officials. Though traveling is a risk that can cause an outbreak, a quick and science-backed response by health officials and the government can help improve the overall situation experienced by the travel industry.

But what about international travel? That’s something that we can’t experience soon. Unless there’s a vaccine that can drastically eradicate COVID19 transmission, government officials are not willing to go back to square one.

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